How is Car Detailing done? What are the benefits?

Even a new car will start to look damaged and rusty if not properly taken care of. Cars that look shiny and new even after years of use look that way because their owners invest in getting their cars cleaned and detailed regularly. 

The car detailing process includes four main steps:

  • Removing the Contaminants

In this step, the car is washed, cleaned, dried, and all the contaminants such as tar and sap are removed from the surface of the car which can cause damage to the paint of the car. The claying process is used to take off these contaminants from the exterior.

  • Correction of Scratches and Swirls

After the car is cleaned, all the scratches and swirls are corrected to make the car look just like it has come out of the showroom. 

  • Protection

Once all the scratches and swirls are corrected, the surface of the car is then waxed. Car wax service protects the car’s paint from rusting, corrosion, fading and gives the car a shiny new car look.

  • Conditioning of the Interior

The last step is the conditioning of the interior. The car should not only look good on the outside, but its interior should also look spotlessly clean. In this step, the whole car interior is cleaned, washed, and vacuumed thoroughly.

Car detailing services use a number of chemicals and specialized tools for the cleaning of the car which requires to be done by highly professional technicians. Complete detail services ensure the tip-top condition of the car from the bottom to the top, both inside and outside. 

Park Cities Mobile Detail offers complete deluxe car detailing services including the detailing of both the exterior and the interior of the car for all types of vehicles including cars, SUVs, RVs, trucks, and motorbikes.

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